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Global Village & Farm

Global Village & Farm

Invitation to participate and build a

Global Village & Farm in Sundarbans (India)

I would like to invite You to come and join us, give your opinion and thoughts to create better way to live, to share happiness and help each other. I would be grateful to You for Your wise  thoughts and touch for this village.

I would like to keep your address and contact in my website and blog to give a feedback and make a connection between Global family members. In this way we can also inspire thousands of other people to contribute new creative ideas; in the same time your work will support our village. That will be a great help for our  global village  and this world.

After your response i will send to You a thanking letter and later on a monthly newsletter with your thoughts and ideas, so people will create their own village in the way of ‘‘simple living and high thinking’’

If my word will touch you just come forward and contribute for a new peaceful village. Your step will touch peoples heart, mind and soul and make them think new. Yes you are my God and my Love.

With love, peace and happiness, Yours, Somen, 7 September 2012



Dear brothers and sisters, this is Your village and my dream. My travel till 2020 will take me to reach to you and touch you. This is not only my journey, this is all over the world journey with you and this event i would like to dedicate to you, my global family members.

In this village we shall have:

A United Garden in the center of the village (with soil from every country of the world, sent by me while travelling), with flowers and plants and lot of trees to live with nature

Simple mud houses for accommodation, with toilets


Farm cattle



Concert Hall


Place for Creative work and Self helf group

Path (road)

Global Village With Farm Plan

Detailed description:

  1. United Garden 28 sq m
  2. Global garden 453 sq m
  3. Creative Work and future plan     811 sq m
  4. walking path from House 2.85 sq     m
  5. House and little garden in     front of house
  6. Trees and wall 3 sq m
  7. Kitchen 167sqm
  8. Concert hall and food 214 Sqm
  9. Toilet 214 sqm
  10. creative work and play ground 214     sqm
  11. Compose ,cattle food and cattle     house 14sqm
  12. farm three side
  13. Pond and water reserver 43 sqm
  14. Road 3 m
  15. tress and boundary 3 sqm

Contact and thanking letter:

Website : www.somen2020world.com 

Blog: www.somendebnath.com

Russian blog: http://somen_debnath.livejournal.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/somen.debnath where i am sharing my opinion and thoughts

Email: somenglobe@gmail.com

My love, peace and happiness for you!
Somen Debnath, 29th October 2012, Rabat, Morocco

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