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World Family Members

World Family Members

Dear friends, 

Thank you for your replies and all kind of your support for our village as well as positive & creative ideas. I  appreciate your help by mind, soul & hands! With love and appreciation,  Somen

My World Family Members and their creative ideas

Name: Michele Sforza

Address: Barcelona, Spain and Bari, Italy

Contact Email & Phone Number: michelesforza@gmail.com, +34 622 124 443 Spain, + 39 347 955 01 68 Italy

Profession: Web designer

Contribution: Web designer; helping and working for website www.somen2020wolrd.com

Date of meeting: june 2009


Name: Lina Berova

Address: Friedenheimer Str. 67, 80686 Munich, Germany

Website & Phone Number : http://www.tolmachi.de,  +4917622653429

Profession: translator, interpreter, semi-professional photographer

Contribution: translation of the website articles for Russian blog (somen_debnath.livejournal.com), photography, technical and physiological support for website 

Date of meeting: 1st February 2012


Name: Diego Montano Garcia

Address:Tomas Romero de Castilla, N6 3F, CP:06011, Badajoz (Spain)

Contact Email & Phone Number:   diegomontano@gmx.es, +34630122545

Profession: Agricultural engineer

Contribution:  Now my current job as a director of the productions and management Biological vegetable.(Responsible of Department of Biological Agriculture)

Date of meeting: September 15, 2012


Name: Kulbir Singh

Address: India: Village and post- Kharwan, District: Yamna Nager, Haryana, India

Spain: Gurudwara Valencia, Spain

Contact Email & Phone Number : kulbir.kulbirsingh@rediffmail.com, +34 632178432

Profession: Mechanical designer and house work.

Contribution:: House work, cooking and house design

Date of meeting: september 19, 2012


Name: Paramjit Singh

Address: India: Sultanpur Lodhi, Kapurthala, Panjab 0091 9914913888

Spain: Rose India super markado, 86 c/ san juan bosco,Valencia

Contact Email & Phone number :   paramspain@yahoo.com, +34 632238543

Profession: Agriculture and account

Contribution: shop and accountant

Date of meeting: september 20, 2012


Name: Jaspal Singh

Address: India : Village and post- Kharwan, District:, Kapur thala, Panjab, India

Spain: Gurudwara Valencia, Spain

Contact Email & Phone Number : +34 632658312

Profession: Farmer

Contribution: cooking and agriculture

Date of meeting: 19 september 2012


Name: Jazzy Ghotra

Address: India : city -Cheeka, District:,Kaithal, Hariyana, India

Spain: Gurudwara Valencia, Spain

Contact Email & Phone Number: jazzyghotra@yahoo.com, +34 632269751(Spain) +91 9996217025(Father India)

Profession: Constructor and electrician

Contribution:: Construction and electricity

Date of meeting: 19 september 2012


Name: Tounarti Hassan
Address: Morocco : Rabat, street – Kifah Kamra cym no- B15, Restaurant Istirssaha,
Contact Email & Phone Number :+212 641 484 910 in Spain +91 814 644 2596 Email:   hassan-tounarti@hotmail.com,  
Profession:  Designer and 3D architecture
Contribution: Global Village Design
Date of meeting: 18th October 2012


Name: Mrs. and Mr. Said DERMECHE

Address: Oran, Algeria

Contact email and Phone Number:   sdermeche@gmail.com,  00213 41 465586
Profession: Architect in Said entreprise
Contribution: Global village construction
Date of meeting: November  29, 2012
Name: Hosni Ben Khimssa
Address: Tunis, Tunisia
Contact email and Phone number:+216 22407865,  hosni.benkhemissa@gmail.com
Profession: Engineer student
Contribution: Construction and farm
Date of meeting: January 3rd, 2013

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