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My Global Family

My Global Family

 Dear friends, if you wish to become members of my world family and be part of my journey, you can:

a) Buy kilometers to support my journey around the world

I am selling kilometres of my travel to my friends and families all over the world. Till 2020 I will travel 200.000 km in whole world. One third of my kilometers will be expenses of my travel and two third of kilometers (118.000km) I will dedicate for our global village. Thus, I will help other people in India. The support I will get from people buying my kilometres will help me to fulfil my other dream: to build a global village in my native place, Basanti, Sundarbans.

b) Contribute with creative positive ideas to my Global village and Farm in Sundarbans (India)

My 16 years travel will reach nearly to 20 million people who are my Global family members. That means, now I am travelling the world and try to reach to people, while i wish that after my journey people will reach to us and come to India. So i decided to make a global village in India where my family, friends, brothers and sisters from all over the world can stay for a certain time, where they will be able to contribute and exchange their  creative thoughts and creative ideas in a positive way. This village with a farm will be an ideal community  where people can do good work together,  share food, shelter and creative ideas, practice yoga and satsang (instrumental music) and live happily.


“We come on this Earth to make a sign.

When we leave, next generations start to think from our sign

and create their own world” Swami Vivekananda

I think this is not only my journey. For this all over the world journey which I chose I decided when I started

that others will follow me and we all will travel together to make some new, totally new thoughts, new belief to reach the new world.

People are my God. This travel is dedicated to the People, to reach to people. 

It will be the longest Bicycle travel in the world: 16 years travel, 191 countries, 200.000 km, 20.000.000 people. After this travel I would like to connect the world with people. So that travel when will take me to reach twenty million people.

So now I am trying to reach to people and after my travel people will reach to us.


          Global Village – 20 ac land, 25 houses. The global village will be located far from the city, close to nature. We will create our own village with traditional way, straw and mud house, which will take us simple living but high thinking.

         United Garden – in the middle of the village we’ll have a Sacred Land called United Garden. From every country I am sending one grieve of soil for that land, where 191 countries soil will be. That is my personal sentiment called “United World” for love, peace and happiness.

          Orphanage: children are the best teacher in the world. So many orphan children need our care, our love, our open heart, can change them to make a sign for the better world. So we are thinking to have an orphanage in our village: on the one hand we can learn from them, and on other hand, we can teach them.

          Old age home/retirement house: knowledge is important in life. Old people are also  great teachers. We have lot of things to learn from them before they leave this Earth they could give lot of things for us. One of the side they need our care, another side we can take their knowledge in our life which can be useful in our life and make our world better.

         School, cultural exchange, environmental studies, farming, yoga, plantation: civilizations can not build without people. Without people one nation can not be civilized. School is the simple system to gather that knowledge to human life and take us the ultimate knowledge what can beneficially for people and society. We are thinking to have a school where we can learn from each other, where we can learn formally and non-formally, because our idea can give better perfections, our perfections can give better creation  and better creation can give to make better society. We are people and we want to live for people.

       HIV-positive people hospital: My mission is taking me to see the world, I am very impressed by HIV-positive children and young. Thousands of people stories made me see their face and misery.  In that hospital we can give free medicines, yoga classes and different activities with HIV-positive people and health care.

       Self-help group: embroidering, craft and design, stitching. Women are saviour, they do lot for our society with their creative work. By a little support they can create their own world, stand beside of men and support to family. Self-help group is one of the initiative for women, who will get some support and will do creative work for the society.

         Beggar rehabilitation center: we will make a beggar rehabilitation center where beggar can come and stay with us and do some creative work for the society. One of the side beggar beggar will be helpful for society and society will be helpful for them.

I would like to invite all over the world friends and families who are supporting for our global village, they will be the lifetime member for our society.

I would like to thankful to all of you for your great support and cooperation not only for my global mission but also global village and future plan.

There will be no cast system, no difference rich or poor, no religion boundaries, the most important are People, six letters one simple word, and this is the important of life!

With love, peace and happiness,

Somen Debnath

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