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Fabien Meylan from Switzerland,Casablanca, 14 Oct 2012

October 14, 2012. I met Fabian yesterday. He is coming on bicycle from Switzerland to help and promote one small village women in mountain on Morocco.Friendly Fabian doing this trip by himself.His others friends send the fund to support that village and now he is going on bicycle to see them.He is doing for the society and society need us. ... Read More »

Lausanne, Switzerland, 22 April 2012

Date: 22.04.2012   Ilya is a couch surfer and I knew him from Munich couch surfers, they are good friend. so I met Ilya in Bern. It was nice stay in his apartment. We went to couch surfing meeting, cooked and spent really good time. On my way to Geneva I came to Lausanne to meet Ilya to give his ... Read More »

Bern, Switzerland, Egypt Embassy

Dated 12.04.2012, Bern, Switzerland A GREAT COUNTRY AND ITS EMBASSY, EGYPT in BERN, SWITZERLAND India and Egypt are very good friend from past history. We are both of very reach country by our own culture, tradition and people. Both of country if you will see they have own reflection in the world. Today 12 .04.2012 morning at 11.30am I came ... Read More »

Bern, capital of Switzerland, 13 April 2012

Date 13.04.2012, Food exchange We had a nice exchange programme in Barne, Switzerland with couch surfers.  1st day – “ Italian Kichri” It was made by Pasta, lentil, egg plant, onion, tomato and salt. We boiled Pasta and Lentil together then keep in a plate, then fry Onion, egg plant , tomato together and add pasta and lentil mixed .at ... Read More »

Travel for kilometers – April 2012

Travel for Catholic School in Zenica, Bosnia & Herzegovina, 17 April 2012 –  50 KM From Zenica to Sarajevo  Catholic schools exist in the city centre of Zenica.i came to visit to Catholic school Zenica. Bosnia and Herzegovina.1st day i came to visit with Dino my friend and met with director of the school and 2nd day i had a seminar at 12.55 ... Read More »

Beautiful Bern at night, Switzerland, 11/04/2012

People say heaven of earth is Switzerland. If you don’t see, you realy never can believe how beautiful is this country! One night I went out . It really amazed me, made me so happy because wind, rain, play with light and shadow were great combination, really amazing. Well decorated city with beautiful building really touch your heart. I am ... Read More »

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