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ArcelorMittal brand ambassador to the most-northern part of the world, Greenland.

  One of the beautiful evening sunsets in Greenland!     Iceberg with Greenland Both hand with Greenlandic polar bear Greenland sledge dog and my beautiful friend Honorable Prime minister of Greenland Mr. Kuupik Kleist Honorable Health minister of Greenland A little girl with expressive eyes  Love and sympathy Children school visits Two newcomer in this world High school visit ... Read More »

Greenland, October 2011

1st of October2011, GREENLAND, MEETING ILLULISSAT PAINTERS It is a nice experience on Saturday afternoon at 13.00hrs. I spent more than three hours with Ilulissat Painter.  I like their work and their way of thinking modern Art. Also some of the students from school also came along. First I met some friends outside of the Cultural Center. Then we went ... Read More »

Greenland, 30 September 2011

YOGA CLASS FOR SILLIT STUDENTS, ILULISSAT, GREENLAND Date – 30th September 2011, Friday Morning I come to visit Sillit school, I don’t know the place exactly , someone guided me to arrive there. It was arranged before so students were waiting there. I was a little let maybe 10 minutes. I meet two teachers when I come to school. They ... Read More »

Greenland, September 2011

AN AMAZING LIFE: NUUK, GREENLAND The 8th of September 2011 We are two so close friend ! One of the side North Polar Bear and another side a new comer from East,it seems we are two friend from different part of the globe,never believe can come so close to you!Although your life is no more and i am alive!This Polar ... Read More »

Greenland, 21 September 2011

Cyklende inder nærmer sig Grønland Dated 21st September 2011, Greenland Broadcasting Corporation, Nuuk, Greenland Source: http://www.knr.gl/kl/node/95503 ALLATTOQ:  Martine Lind Krebs Grønland kan forvente sig et noget usædvanligt besøg inden længe. Globetrotteren Somen Debnath befinder sig lige nu på Island, hvor han prøver at finde en måde at komme til Grønland. Gennem syv år har han cyklet verden tynd. 64 lande er ... Read More »

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