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Painting and childhood in my life

Date- 11.04.2012 Every person’s childhood comes with different colour. This color stays with us forever, makes our life more colorful and teaches us lot of things in our life.   Painting and color are two words very close to each other. I started to dream from my childhood, and that dream came from poem and short story.I always could see ... Read More »

Food With People – Easter in Munich

8 April 2012 Starting today I will add the Food sharing with People I meet in my travel. My travel is also about discovering the taste of other countries, when people invite me to share their food. And I always cook for the friends and the families I meet. This is my Food With People on my Journey Around the ... Read More »

Konigstein, Germany, 26 Nov 2011

26th of November 2011 A FEW DAYS WITH JAVAJI’S FAMILY I am with Mr. Javaji’s family it is 25 km far from Frankfurt city called Konigstein. I came here with him yesterday evening . It is a very nice place which has a forest very close by. It looks like a little Switzerland and I am feeling here like in ... Read More »

Frankfurt, Germania, 24 nov 2011

A MIRACLE MAN: MARIAN FROM CROATIA AIR INDIA FRANKFURT, 24th of NOVEMBER 2011 One week before I came to visit one officer at Air India office in Frankfurt, after meeting Mr. Amit Roy he introduced me with Marian. He is an Air India employee from Croatia. Quite white color skin, tall and deep eyes, his handshake made me smile. He ... Read More »

Frankfurt, Germany, november 2011

November 1st, 2011, CONSULATE GENERAL OF BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA & CROATIA IN FRANKFURT, GERMANY I would like to thank the Consulate General of Bosnia and Herzegovina. After I got the visa note I visited their consulate. It was a very friendly meeting of the consulate General office and Consulate General. I got my visa on the 1st of November2011. It is ... Read More »

Rotary Club Meeting in Frankfurt, Germany, 11 Nov 2011

11th November 2011 One day I came to ICICI Bank in Frankfurt and met Mr Hitesh Sethia. He is the country Head Germany and a Rotarian in Frankfurt. He told me he will introduce me to the Rotary Club of Frankfurt, so coming Friday in the morning at 7.30 we arranged for breakfast and a meeting at the Hotel Frankfurter ... Read More »


For the last few days I have been trying to meet Mr. Bali, Manager of Air India in Frankfurt, Germany. I got his contact from Mr. Harish Chandra consul of the Consulate General of India who had already spoken with him on the phone and we met on 08.11.2011 in his office in Frankfurt. It was nice to talk to ... Read More »

Frankfurt, Germany, 7 November 2011

BICYCLE IS STOLEN IN FRANKFURT, GERMANY Date – 7th Nov 2011 I am in Frankfurt, Germany. Today, at 11.00am, my Bicycle was stolen from close to Unicredit Bank in the center of the City.  I went to the police Station. They saw it on camera, but they could not find that person and my cycle. It is measurable and painful for me.I ... Read More »

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