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USA mejomaa’r Mami meeting in Paris, Sept 2012

Sept 2012 It was really coincident, i was in Kumarji restaurant. where i met two Bengali women, i was talking with them.They are from USA and came here for Holiday. They were recognised that i am known for them, i was really surprised and at last i knew that they are my relative from  my father brother wife side. I ... Read More »

CouchSurfer friend Nathalie in Bordeaux, France, 29 June 2012

I met Nathalie and her sister in Bordeaux they are from West Indies one island called Martinique. They living here as a student Nathalie is a dentest writing her  thesis in Bordeaux and her sister stydies as a architect.I met them from Couchsurfing.com . I was very glad to know them . nice people, we had some cultural exchange programme ... Read More »

Paris, France, 25 & 26 June 2013

Restaurant business meeting in Paris, june 25, 2012 Monday 200 km travel in France. Din. Le Vauban 7, Place Vauban 75007 Paris at 20.30hrs, I came with Kumar ji to their business meeting , where i met all association members. It was mainly a dinner party back side of Place Vauban one restaurant. i had a short talk to them ... Read More »

Paris, France, june 2012

Date: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 1000 Km my Travel I dedicated to Mr. & Mrs. Connors and their family, on my travelling to Africa     22 JUNE 2012, IPad fro Arindom Brother This is a new Ipad i got it a present from Arindom Brother  from Paris   Read More »

France, Paris, 23 June 2013

Raj and Rajinder brother La Bourget, Saturday, 23 JUNE 2012 Few day back i met Raj broher in St Michel. He was invited me,Mr.Singh and kumar jis family.We came to visit them La bourget where Raj and Rajinder brother living a house.We had a lunch all of us together and after lunch we came to Indian fastival. Thank you Raj ... Read More »

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