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Photographer friend : Dominik Dušek

A great friend i met in Luxembourg. His positive thinking and open mind very quickly passed my week in Luxembourg. We walked, cycling, had very nice discretion of different topic of the world. He is a very interesting person and i feel a very good friend inside of me. A long journey took me here the middle of Iraq. His ... Read More »

Photographer friend: Vika Petrikaite, Lithuania

Photographer friend :   Vika Petrikaitė, Lithuania Vika is a very good friend of mine, I met her in Lithuania. She is an amazing photographer. Her every photo has a life and freedom. Great memory which was taken by her. Every moment was explain what is different time of the life! Thank you Vika for your creative idea and friendship with ... Read More »

Fabien Meylan from Switzerland,Casablanca, 14 Oct 2012

October 14, 2012. I met Fabian yesterday. He is coming on bicycle from Switzerland to help and promote one small village women in mountain on Morocco.Friendly Fabian doing this trip by himself.His others friends send the fund to support that village and now he is going on bicycle to see them.He is doing for the society and society need us. ... Read More »

Yellow fever & Hepatitis – B vaccines from Spain

October2, 2012 Yellow fever 02.10.2012 and Hepatitis-B, 21.09.2012 Last 8 years i did not take any vacines on my road. This is my 1st time i am taking viccines in Spain and i have to take it because for Africa travel. Some of African countries it is compulsory to take Yellow fever and Hepatitis-B vaccin and have to show up ... Read More »

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