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Rasomalai made by aunt Muni Bakaya ji, Maseru, Lesotho, 17 March 2015

Rasomalai made by aunt Muni Bakaya ji . Thank you aunt. Namaste Rasmalai is a Bengali sweet. Ras malai or rosh malai is a dessert eaten in all India, also in Pakistan and Bangladesh. In Hindi ras means “juice” and malai means “cream”. It is “a rich cheesecake without a crust.” Ras malai consists of sugary white, cream or yellow-coloured (or flattened) balls ... Read More »

Invitation at Mrs Roshini Ramiah’s Angel Light Empowerment Studio and family visit – Durban, South Africa, 28 Feb & 2 March 2015

“Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you!” -Rumi Date- 28/02/2015 On February 28th 2015 I was invited by Mrs Roshini Ramiah at Angel Light Empowerment Studio (dedicated to Women Empowerment & Personal Transformation through Mind, Body & Soul platforms. Supporting Personal transformation for Men on a journey of enlightenment). She wrote “A remarkable young man…salute you for ... Read More »

1 March 2015 – lunch with Bengali families at Mount Edgecombe in Durban, South Africa.

Date- 01/03/2015 This afternoon I had lunch with Bengali families at Mount Edgecombe in Durban, South Africa. First of all, i would like to thanks to Mr. Amit Chaudhury, Apurba Musib and Sumit Banerjee and others as they arranged a gettogether in Mr. Sumit Da’s house, in Durban. We had a lunch together. It was nice time. Thanks to all for your presence. with love. Namaste. ... Read More »

Discover Sudan from 14 November 2013 to 4 December 2013

Sudanese are one of the best hospitable people. They are warm-hearted, kind and friendly. If you will come to Sudan you will see how they care and welcome the guest. During my last 20 Days experience i really fall in love with this land. I never believed that here i will find Indians and their love, which amused me and ... Read More »

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