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Remchi village is my 1st family in Algeria

I come to Ghazaouet by ferry from Almeria, Spain. It is morning 8.00am i reach to port. This is a small town.   I came to Ghazaouet by ferry from Almeria. It was morning 8 am I reached to port it is a small town. I need to change some money so I was trying to find out a place. ... Read More »

Tnine Ourika Safran garden, 27km far from Marrakesh

Tnine Ourika Safran garden,27km far from Marrakesh It is a beautiful garden and farm which i visited on 06.11.2012 afternoon. I came with Nadia and her  another friend Chantal.We came together and it was the way to Ourica. This farm is very famous for Safran so we were the perfect time to see how to collect the safran and how processing. ... Read More »

Accommodation in Marrakech, Morocco, 8 nov 2012

8th of November 2012 I met Nadia in my CS house in Rabat. She is a good friend of my CS friend mother. Nadia invited me to come to visit Marrakech. It was long journey and i come to Marrakesh with her.The same day i mat her friend Chantal , she also from Rabat and 30minute before she reach to Marrakesh. ... Read More »

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