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Easter with Edna and Carel family, in South Africa, 1 – 4 April 2015

Easter with Edna and Carel family, in South Africa, 1 – 4 April 2015

Dear Edna and Carel,
Thank you for the wonderful time and Easter with your family!
This is the story of an unexpected meeting of a beautiful family and spending Easter at their house.
I travelled all day on the 1st of Avril 2015 from East London, heading to Port Elizabeth. When evening was coming, I saw a home from down right-side of the road. I said to myself: let’s go and ask if I can put my tent for tonight, and I will continue my travel tomorrow early morning! The house had walls with fence and I knocked at the door. An old man came out and I asked him if I can put my tent tonight in their courtyard, as it is safer. He called another man. His name is Carel.
I shortly introduced myself. He welcomed me and afterwards he introduced me to his wife, Edna, uncle Frans and his girlfriend, Luice. Evening I met also Andrew, another neighbour of the house. Five persons are living in this farm house. They invited me for diner, and we ate together all four of us. Later we had a very nice evening all together till night at 10.30 pm. They showed me a beautiful room and they invited me to spend the night in their house. After shower I took rest.   Morning I decided to go, but all the family members, especially Carel & Edna did not let me go. They told me that this weekend is Easter, so many car accidents are on the road: every year nearly 1000 people are dying this weekend. Either they are drinking and driving or calling in mobile or chatting. They also wanted to take me to some places to visit Bonza Bay and Beacon Bay where they were living previously. It is a wonderful place, most of the white South African people are living there. Beautiful road, park and river Quenera mouth with Indian Ocean. I was happy to see these places. I met a man who was catching prawns from the river. He uses to go catch big fish from the Ocean. He was pumping prawns with a very special technique. We went back home in the afternoon.   Evening I had a chance to make an Indian chicken curry. So we had a lunch together with garlic bread, chicken curry and bit root alad – five of us. Everybody appreciated the dinner, I was happy that they liked it. Today we went together to visit Nahoon River. It is close to Beacon Bay. Edna and Carel took me for a lunch in Spur, where they performed a dance for me. It was a great honor! Later we went to visit Kidd’ Beach.
Carel is a very good man. He lost his father when he was 36 years old. He told me that his father was shot by a black man. It was a great shock for him and later on he has diabetes. He had a knee operation 11 years ago and last year again his right leg suffered open surgery. This year again was left leg knee! He is tired, but he has no regrets, he is always friendly and very positive! Edna is also a very friendly person. Her parents are living in Sutterheim. Her father is a bee keeper. Making wonderful pure honey which I had a chance to taste! Edna gave me a bottle of honey as a present. Carel also gave me as a present a Swiss knife. Such a wonderful time I am spending with Edna & Carel family, I never expected! I feel God has sent me to this family to have great time and enjoy a few beautiful days together. Tomorrow I will leave this family in the morning, but this Famiy Easter in South Africa will forever remain in my heart!

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