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CADPA Meeting in Chatsworth, South Africa, 20/02/2015

CADPA Meeting in Chatsworth, South Africa, 20/02/2015

At – 12.30pm Thanks to Mr. Bob for gettogether with CADPA and sharing with organization members in Chatsworth, South Africa.

I received a brief history and background of the CADPA organisation, Secretary Shamilla Padayachee.


History and background


HIV/AIDS is clearly the single biggest health crisis presently facing South Africa and the World over. Chatsworth, incorporating the newly developed and adjacent areas of Welbedacht East and West including the various informal settlement both within and outside, with an estimated one million people, is currently faced with enormous health and socio- economic problems amongst others. Thus, resulting of an high prevalence of the HIV and AIDS epidemic, must be viewed with much concern. . In support of this statement – some seven years, the VCT (Voluntary Councelling & Testing ) Clinic at the R.K. Khan’s Hospital, started with two patients and today the Clinic caters for over eleven and a half thousand patients , who mainly hail from the areas mentioned herein. This historical facts was not envisaged some fourteen years ago when the Organisation , Chatsworth & District Partnership Against Aids (CADPAA) commenced.

Today the Chatsworth and District Partnership against Aids, herein referred to as CADPAA, is a non-governmental and non-profit community based Organisation. Unified with various Stakeholders and role players within the Chatsworth and its surrounding areas with the express purpose of eradicating the scourge of HIV/AIDS pandemic . Achieving its goal through innovative programmes towards prevention care and treatment amongst others. Working towards and AIDS FREE GENERATION, thus creating a culture of empowerment, education, awareness and self help both within and outside the context of HIV and AIDS sector, and in particular to those infected and affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.


In 1998, just four years since our new democracy began, many communities in around Durban were given a wake-up call arising from the gruesome murder of an AIDS patient known as Gugu Dlamini who hailed from Umlazi – South of Durban. She was stoned to death by members of her local community after publicly proclaiming her HIV status. However, very little was then known by our community about this killer disease called AIDS. It was evident that during the preceding year many deaths have occurred, most victims of whom happen to be women. Suspicion grew as time unfolded when it was found that people dying of cancer was becoming common. In many instances the cause of death was reported as “unknown’. It was also evident that whilst many had no knowledge of HIV/AIDS, there were those who were infected , feared being stigmatized, kept silent and were dying. In the year 2000, South Africa was proud to host the 13th international Aids Conference in Durban. It was this historical conference; Representatives from various part of the world signed a joint declaration to fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

HISTORY continued…

During this time a prominent Chatsworth medical practitioner had revealed shock statistics of an increase in HIV/AIDS related diseases amongst the “ Indian community” in particular, in Kwa-Zulu Natal. There was an overall prevalence of two percentage HIV positive patients in Chatsworth at that point of time. The community was coming to grips with the unknown virus (HIV), which was developed into this deadly disease called AIDS. It was evident that the community at large had no or very little knowledge of this pandemic, which had already destroyed millions of lives world over. It was in the late 2001 prior to the commemoration of the World Aids Day (1st December 2001) as declared by UNAIDS. The Chatsworth Child Welfare Society and the KZN Department of Social Welfare – Chatsworth, jointly convened a public meeting on the 15th October 2001 to address the then AIDS pandemic and its findings (statistics). More over, concerns were expressed by the myths and misconceptions on the HIV/AIDS pandemic and the apathy and the disregard shown by many in both the “Indian community” and other minority sectors in particular. The then mindset was that many were not mindful of the fact that HIV and AIDS kills and does not discriminate. It was beginning to knock on people’s doors. The reality today – HIV and AIDS is no more knocking on people’s doors but inside people homes, religious Institutions etc.

The message had come out strongly at the inaugural meeting that AIDS KILLS AND DOES NOT DISCRIMINATES. Against this background, Representatives present, agreed for the need of a forum that will be widely represented by various Stakeholders and role players involved in health related issues. A special meeting was then called for the 30th October 2001. Arising from this meeting the Chatsworth World Aids Day Committee was established. Following the success of its various programmes commemorating World Aids Day in its first two years, the committee decided that just one day in the year will not suffice to promote Aids Awareness and Education in prevention and care etc. Thus, the Organisation based on a

non-political, non-profit, non-sexist and totally voluntary grass roots organisation in the name and style of the Chatsworth And District Partnership Against Aids (CADPAA) gave birth.

In order to achieve its goals, the Organisation at its subsquent special general meeting adopted a special t resolution to focus on the following primary objectives:

  • Assist Government in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS.

  • To create awareness on HIV/AIDS in the broader communities.

  • Education on the A, B, C concept – including school participation.

  • To commemorate all international events relating to HIV/AIDS e.g. World Aids Day and International Memorial Day amongst others.

  • Network in terms of partnership with all Stakeholders and Role Players involved in Health issues and those focusing on HIV/AIDS programmes both locally and Internationally.

  • To urge communities to know their status – through VCT centers and to highlight the intensity of the Aids epidemic.

  • Instill high moral values in people – reminding them of the importance of morality as a factor that will prohibit the proliferation of HIV/AIDS.

Over the years of its existence, CADPAA had been mainly involved in Awareness and Education programmes through projects and events with the primary intention to highlight the Aids pandemic. Strategically, it found it quite affective in interacting with various communities through projects and events, which was found to be, highly successful on occasions.


Food For Hunger & Toy For Joy

Advice and Information Desk (Public events & Shopping Malls)

CADPAA Aids Awareness Concert & Float Procession

Art/Poetry & Essay competition (Both learners from Primary & Secondary)

CADPAA Peace & Soliditary March & Placard Demonstration

CADPAA Annual Aids Symposium (Theme: HIV/AIDS & It’s Challenges)

CADPAA Youth in Action Campaign – school campaign

CADPAA Poverty Alleviation & Empowerment Initiative

CADPAA Training and Development Programmes

CADPAA Specific men – targeted interventions

Women’s Imbizo in partnership with sister Organisation WODSA

Voluntary Counseling And Testing – Joint Initiatives

Understanding AIDS Series- Media Education Programme

In addition CADPAA actively engages in the National & International events on HIV/AIDS programmes namely: –

  • Annual World Aids Day (1st December)

  • International Candle Light Memorial Day

  • Red Ribbon Campaign

  • International Children Day

  • Women’s Day – Joint Initiative (Annual Women’s Imbizo)

  • World TB Day

  • 16 Days of Activism

In additional to other programmes, the following initiatives will be undertaken in the years ahead:-

  • CADPAA Door To Door Campaign


  • Corporate Presentation

  • DRUGS AND AIDS – issues of common interest/challenges

  • Men’s Imbizo – ( Men to Men dialogue)

In achieving its broad programme of action – the success of these events will largly depend on the implementation of its fumdamental principals as follows:-




Opposing all forms of discrimination through serving and caring for all infected and affected people irrespective of their colour, race, religion, class or political opinion.


Removing the scars of stigma through serving and caring all for people of our land upholding the rights of the individual.



Unifying all Stakeholders and Role Players towards a common goal in the fight against HIV/AIDS


Uniting different races through one Nation – Rainbow Nation. For only together we fight the scourge of Aids towards an “Aids Free Generation”.


Dedicated to the cause of Voluntarism without reservation, desire or gain beyond the call of duty.

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