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Travel from Baghdad to Basra, Iraq

Travel from Baghdad to Basra, Iraq

20 days my stay in Embassy of India really made me calm. Nothing to do inside i felt road was calling me today again i am on road. I met Mr. Raju he is an Indian working one Indian construction company. I met him in consular section who were my guide towards Basra. I was really excited for road. It took me to pass Najaf and Karbala the great history from middle age. Where Hassan Hussein war not only, middle age business capital was, but today a desert and burning sand with pump tree are standing with past history!I was really felt the land was crying and she wish if some one will come and bless the land with peace. Totally tired and just looking half closed eyes and waiting! I stopped hold a fold of soil, it is very hard and kept it for our global village inspiration.

Both side of the road totally empty and dry. Sometime can see small house can not see any single person surrounding . Grass are burning with smell.

Some places can see greenery, small river passing where different trees are growing, clean water can see face  clearly. No so far pump trees are standing and talking to each other.

Our lunch with traditional Iraqi way. Pasta, Humus, Salad, pickles – mostly dish are sour, it can break the heat.

Iraqi people are always give lot of food it is their mahman nawaji (hospitality). Mostly restaurant are wasting lot of food. It is very painful to see when people are throwing food and another people don,t have food.

I really liked Mr. Raju company. 5 hours our travel together, it tought me a lot, he was travelling every day 250 km to his office and back to home.

Travelling to towards Basra in the mean time 5 km before was bomb blast , it made me scared, this country life has no value any time it can go, It made me to feel people are living in a certain moment with strong will that made them strong to fight with life!

This is one place where can see all old tanks, War passed again war came with different weapons. Old one laying down and keeping the history, they are not useful any more. They are waiting when they can became a part of mud.

Oil war! this is the refineries burning years and years before and after war. The fight for power, people are exhosted , tired and may be one day they will feel peace. Poor are always poor !

it is look like a blast but it is from 100 of years past and remain!

On the road every 15/20 km after check post. While checking if bomb blast 10/15 car lost 30 to 50 life . everyday happining 5, 6 or 10 bomb blast. people are living with risk.

2nd biggest city Basra. It is the southern city in Iraq and my Last city. It is very beautiful and people are quite safe here. Lonely road at night.

I was received by Sapoorji Pallonji work place in Basra. Mr. Bhaskar and his team received me in the gate of Saddam palace. I was well come by them and come to Mr. Gupta ji and Mr. Arora. Then I had nice stay in there guest house for 5 days before continue my travel to UAE.


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