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Prashant Rao and Nafia Nidawi with others friend in Baghdad tour, Iraq

Prashant Rao and Nafia Nidawi with others friend in Baghdad tour, Iraq

Prasant working in a french media agency. He would like to make an article and a short news in his agency. I met him in a dinner HE Ambassador resident where HE Mr. Reddy sir introduce me with him. He invited me to show around Baghdad. One Thursday he and his friends came and a day long with them, nice company. We had a nice lunch all together and before evening we back to Embassy. Thank you Prasant and all friends for your company.

With Prasant and friends of his team in front of consulate, Indian Embassy in Baghdad.


Tigris river passing in Baghdad. I read about this river when i was class seven in my history book. From that time Like Ganga, this river touched my heart. I can not say i was wished to see that river. It was impossible for me to come 1000s of km far. Yes i am blessed I can not explain you, how i was happy when i see 1st this river. It took me 1000 of years past in middle age with ancient culture!

Alnahrain University

Road on Baghdad. People are going out from home don,t know they will come back or not! Everyday 5/6 bomb blast surrounding of Baghdad. Every months 3000/4000 people are dying. It very measurable to feel no value of life! Mostly ordinary people are dying, officials are with in Green zone bomb can not reach to them , they are safe!

Shop in Baghdad. People need to eat so they have to come to buy the food. All office has a room boy who are buying the food, they get 100 to 200 extra baksis in a month. That can help them for their family.

Local Baghdad people with there strong will and food for their family.

Iraq Baghdad Saddam Hussein Parade Ground Green Zone. This is the famous place in green zone built by Saddam parade ground as known to all, till it is parade ground. 1000 of soldiers march hare on Independence day. Just ground of the sword was laid down dead body and skeleton who were killed Iraq-Iran war.


Iraq Baghdad Saddam Hussein Parade Ground Green Zone

with Prasad and his friend

The most popular Restaurant in Baghdad

A lunch with Baghdad friends

Mahman nawaji

Baghdadi Kebab, It is very spacial kebab in Bahgdad. I was honor to try it , very testy and little similar of Hyderabadi kebab.

A Bangladeshi restaurant boy. I was talking with him they are working 16/17 hours in a day living 12 to 15 people together. working from morning 4.00 am to night 10 to 11.00 pm. It is hurt to believe that their hard work. With in that time they have to cook by themselves because the restaurant which food give to them they can not eat!

Towards green zone in Baghdad

Green Zone

Our last photo when we back to Embassy. Thank you all and memory!

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