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Suez, Egypt, March 2013

Suez, Egypt, March 2013

Three Indian brothers visit from Suez, Egypt

 I was very happy to meet three brothers who are born and bough up in in Egypt. Now all are living in Suez for long time. They are doing baseness and they have gift shop here.It was nice to hear their story till they have Indian passport all though more than 50 years they are living in Egypt. Egypt government not accepted them as a citizen and although more that thousends km far India is till now in their heart and country! I was came to visit them with Shuki brother, Shamal and Satish brother all are working in a Suez steel factory.
Front bicycle carrier broken in Suez, Egypt

Date: 14/03/2013 Thursday in Suez, Egypt

Presently i am in Suez, front bicycle carrier broken, It will take me  time to fix, tomorrow Friday weekend in Egypt,till hope everything is  alright, as it is coming to me. Suez is a beautiful little town, nice  people, simplicity and enjoying the canal. I am staying with Sukhi  brother just 100 miter far from canal.

So we went out at evening me to market, Shuki brother, shamal and Satish brother. They know the place for welding  where we fix the carrier, it took me 10 Egyptian pound.


Sukhjinder Singh, Shamal Bhagat and Satish Kumar meeting in Port taofik, in Suez, Egypt

Date: 13/03/2013 Wednesday

I came to Suez on Wednesday 13/03/2013. Before Pradip Da from Sadat city contacted Shukinder Singh. He is living in Suez with others few Indians who are working in Suez steel company.

I come to Suez and called Shiki brother, he was in factory so he told me he will give my number to another friend of him his name is Shamal. He will call me and meet me in Port taofik. It is the place where Suez canal started the mouth of Red sea.


I reach to that place it took me 10 minute from the city center, where I met with Shamal brother. We had a tea. Then we met shuki brother and come all together in his place. Nice place 100miter far Suez canal can see from balcony.


After that day i met Mr. Satish Kumar . He is very friendly person. I could not met him yesterday because he had night duty in plant. At noon we had a lunch to Satish brother place , he is living with his wife .

Evening we come to visit in Shamal brother place for a dinner where i met his son and wife. We had a nice chat all together. Food was very testy.

Satish and Sukhi brother

Suez canal mouth (Red Sea side) from Satish brother apartment

Red sea mouth after suez canal.

Waiting ship for start a journey 160 km suez canal

with Satish brother and his wife

After lunch gajar halwa Satish brother home

Plaza Embee group in Suez, Egypt

Date: 14/03/2013 Thursday Suez

I came to Visit with Shamal and shuki brother in Plaza Embee Group in Suez, It is nearly 7 km far from Port taofik . This is the place where Indian , Sri Lankan , Bangladeshi are living and working together. We meet Mr. Nasser General Manager of the Group. Nearly 50 people are working here. We had a short get together and after we played cricket match. Few hours nice time with south Asian peoples remind me a great memory!

EMBEE Group visit in Ismailia, Egypt, March 2013

Director of the Embee Group in Egypt

Mr. Sanjay is the director of the EMBEE Group in Ismailia. I had a very nice chat with him and it was very lovely meeting with him. Hope we will meet again.



Presentation. Sandeep brother arranged a get together in the EMBEE group. It was very nice meeting with EMBEE group family, small world, hope we will meet again.

Sandeep Nimodia brother and family. Sandeep brother and family i met in Ismailia. Four days it became a home for me, with lot of memories. Sandeep brother wife i called Didi, she is a very good cook. Manya and Vatsal, two lovely children, very friendly and always will be in my heart.

Flag off

This is team of EMBEE Group and farewell.

Pravin brother and family. Pravin brother and his family invited me for a dinner. They have two kids, Pravin was interested to travel with me for few countries on bicycle. He is a rock climber from Maharashtra.

Dada from Porissa. Dada also invited for a dinner me and Sandeep brother together. It was a nice evening. Till midnight we had a nice chat because one of his boys (worker) broke the door key, so we could not come out. At 1.30 the owner of the house opened the door, so we come out and went to the guesthouse.

Embee group friends, accountants and receptionists

Evening with children. One evening with Indian, Bangladeshi and Sri-Lankan children. A small get together party and sharing.

Printing group, a new project which EMBEE Group is making. Dada is a project director, i had a visit and meeting. I would like to give thanks to all EMBEE Group for your support and cooperation and great time i passed with you  in Ismailia. Thank you and see you again.

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