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Part of my childhood

Part of my childhood

Kite and field in my chilhood

I like nature, fields, clouds, sky and most dear to me 7 cows who were in my cow shed. When I looked at them they also looked at me and wanted to tell “Take me to the field!”. That was an amazing relation within us and our feelings. We had a cowboy and we liked each other very much. Sometimes on his shoulder I run around the field. Sometimes I was swimming just to hold his back because I couldn’t swim. Sometimes went with him and cettles far from home in the field to feed the cows. When I’m tired on walk, sitting in cows back and holding two horns really can not forget this time and felt I’m king of the king. Cannot forget that person, his name was Ranjit. 14-15 years old black man with a long bambus stick. Sometimes running for cows, sometimes running and sitting beside of me, sometimes feeding me, sometimes telling the story of his poorest family.


Although I was not born in a very poor family, but I don’t know why but those story can open my eyes and I can see those poverty and poor families landscape.Ranjit was my best friend in my childhood, although we had 10-11 years difference. I can see those deep eyes, black body and white teeth and beautiful smile.

In winter we had 1 month holiday for all kinds of puja – durga puja, Lakshmi puja, so we had really lot of fun. In the meantime all fields is clear because people cut their bundles of rice and keep in their home so their field is totally empty. That was the time for us to play with kite. Some of elder people kept Manja (manja is a things with gum and very small glas together as a coat in and I’m afraid they will cut my kite and I can’t play at all so I always went far from them and stayed alone to play with kite.


2 -3 hours I was just playing with my kite within that time when airplane passing from the field I’m very happy. I put thrope roller under the ground and run to see that airplane how far going, but ultimately when airplane pass the horizontal line I couldn’t see it anymore and then I slowly walked back to my kite within that time my time is over my mother is asking when I’ll coming back to home. I have to go back because if my mother will be angry then she could beat me.

Although I don’t want to leave the field but I can’t! I’m back to home that day is over.

Light in my childhood

Flame always give us light.  It is important, how we should use and make us light in our life. Today I’m going to tell you another one story of my life. I’m very happy when I open my eyes and want to see my childhood. Sometimes I’m astonished and feel light inside of me, Which really I can’t explain you, but that feelings taking me deep to deeper. I born with the belief, everything is easy and simple. I’m very close to earth.


Our village was nearly one kilometer far from Basanti bazar. Whole day it was very nice because sun was giving us light. And evening it is  bit miserable because we don’t have any electricity, some of people have electric light who are very close to bazar.

So grandma and mother cleaned all lamps and their chimney before evening. Exactly 6.30 or 7 pm me and my brother will sit in front of one lamp that will take us few hours if sometimes there is no kerosin we are happy. My mother was very strong, so we had always to follow her rules. In summer time it is very hot. So we sit outside balcony and expect some cold wind can blow with us. and really it was happening. after long time when one flow of air can feel happy.

First school in my life

 I’m eldest son of my parents, I have a brother who is 1,5 years younger than me. So my kindergarten school started when I was 2,5 years old. I used to go to school sitting on the shoulders of my grandfather. Usually in rain season it is too horrible, mud is till the knee… so my grandfather took me on his shoulders and I was afraid that he will fall. That was my only fear, more than be beaten by my teacher when i didn’t finish my homework. Usually I used to stay with my grandfather and my grandmother because of my younger brother who needed lot of care from my mother.

I was the first boy in my class. Although I was not satisfied about my study, because i took my study as a game. I always got good marks from my teachers and all my teachers were very friendly to me. I was born in a big family, with 14 members, so my mother had not so much time to pack my lunch box when I went to school in the morning. Our all students lunch boxes used to stay in one place and just beside the room were teachers too. So one day I decided – this is a lunch box, either mine or teachers… so I took my lunch box and went to teachers lunch box room, left my lunchbox there and took the best one from teacher. So every day was a very good and different lunch for me and I was enjoying. I didn’t know that i became a thieve and stealed a lunch from a teacher. One day I was caught by one teacher who was our neighbor. She took me to the headmaster.He was very angry and asked me why I’m stealing, then I told: “I don’t know, I wasn’t stealing , I was eating lunch either it is mine or teachers ” but after my answer he was smiling , I couldn’t understand what is happening. I will have a punishment, i came to prayer hall where all students were in front of me – i was really afraid what kind of punishment I don’t know. Meanwhile my headmaster gave an announcement that my punishment is, every day i can take the best lunch from the teachers room. I was really happy! And I think this is one of memorable days in my life. After few days my mother discovered this story and tried to make a very good lunch for me. Although few days I didn’t open my lunch box because I was eating teachers lunch – one day when I opened my lunch box I was happy! Then I decided that I don’t want to eat teachers lunch, I want to eat mine. When I got this lesson from the life that my things are mine whatever they are and I should be happy about it.

Haystack And Fire In My Childhood

 It was winter. Early morning me and my brother got up because we need to go to school. We were waiting for my grandfather, he went to toilet, he was late, we were freezing. I can see that time, it is till now in my eyes. Me and brother decided to make a campfire very near to haystack. My grandfather left his cigarette packet and a match box. We saw and we gather little straw. We burned, it was dry day. So very soon the straw burned and reached to the haystack. Within few minutes everything is burning. Me and my brother were too scared, and were crying not for my parents will beat us, we were so confused and we never thought that it can happen.

Our neighbors saw it and came soon, close to haystack we have a pond, so water was very close, everyone by hand to hand was giving water to stop the fire. Me and my brother just hold hand to each other and crying. Grandfather was back and after everything he asked what we did. Although we could not explain how it was happen, we felt warm although that burning haystack was not sufficient for whole year kettle food, But till it is a memory of my childhood to learn something new.

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Dear friends, my name is Somen Debnath. I am a resident of the village of Basanti, Sundarbans, West Bengal, which is a great mangrove forest and the largest tiger reserve in India. My "Around the World Bicycle Tour for HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme & Presentation of Indian Culture" started on 27th of May 2004, two days after I acquired Bachelor degree in Zoology from the University of Calcutta. I have also completed 'Visarad' in Fine Arts from the Sarbabhartiya University. My goal is to cover 191 countries till 2020. I will travel 200.000 km in the whole world and reach nearly 20 million people. 118.000 km I will travel for charity, that's why I'm selling my Km to people. The support I will get from people buying my kilometres will help me fulfill my other dream: to build a Global village in my native place, Basanti, Sundarbans.

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