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Anes my CS friend from Kenitra, Rabat, Morocco

Anes my CS friend from Kenitra, Rabat, Morocco


I wrote in CS people that i need some days accomodation in Rabat. I got call from Anes he is a CS and living 35km far from capital of Rabat. He told me he could host me for some days in Kenitra.So i decided to come to visit him and it will be a great oppertunity to see the town and meet people.I came to visit him on 19.10.2012 night. He was working that day so he finished his work at 23.00hrs after we met in a cafe where before i met one Italian person name Enrick and two Morocco-friend Alla and Abdul.

That night i came with Anes to his home. I met his two brother Mohammed and Basir. That night Enrick was also with us.
Morning we spend all together , Mohammed, Enrick, Anes and me we went to market where we bought food and i decided to cook for them a dinner. Anes had work he will work till 23.00hrs today so Mohammed was my company. After our visit the town we went to mosk for prey . It was nice to being with others together in the pray.
Evening we were together Mohammed , cousin and his friends also came . so they helped me to cook.We had nice time. For a while i met Anes Mother and sister although Muslim family very conservative, I felt really a great mother care. Thank you Anes for hosing me two days , Sunday morning i came back to Rabat.

Hassan Brother and his family in Rabat, Morocco, 28 October 2012

I met Hassan brother in Rabat on 19.10.2012 afternoon when i came from Mammedia.I was eating his cafe, he set with me and shared his meal kuskus traditional Morocco food.I was talking with him and i understand that He is a designer with his 20 years experiences.When i told him about my dream and Global village project . He told he would like to make that project. He took his computer and stared the work. Exactly i was searching a friend who will be like him 6 hours we worked and We almost made the design of our Global village with whole day.

We thought we can make it with in one day but it took us five days work together. How i thought it is simple but it is not. I started to stay with them in there one room. Hassan’s brother Abdul is also very friendly person last a week i am staying with them.
Thank you brothers for your great contribution

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