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Paris, France, la Tour Eiffel, 15 May 2012

Paris, France, la Tour Eiffel, 15 May 2012

Paris, France – Eiffel Tower

Date:15 th of May 2012


So many promises we want to fulfill in our life, but sometimes life is smiling on us and one day we leave this earth with our dream and again come on earth to that make that dream true!

I was travelling in the north-east of India and I reached in Agartala the capital of the small state called Tripura! I am telling the story which was in my life 7 and half years ago.

I met a Bengali friend in his small music-cd shop. His name is Subhra, I forgot his surname. He became very good friend within a few days. One day he told me “friend, I have a wish, I want to go to Paris to see the Eiffel tower with my eyes, I will feel joy and happiest being in this world! I know I cannot make it true, but if you will reach to my dream please fulfill my dream and give me a call from there if possible” I felt in my heart a deep strong will. I had no money, no way how I can reach to there, it is my only and one dream to reach to the the world and that is also my destiny. I kept his promise and told him “my friend I will never forget you and your dream from now it is my dream too! When I will reach there I will remember you and your promise.”

I am now under the Eiffel tower, I can see Subhra face and he is just beside of me and feel proud to be his friend to touch his dream! Thank you Subhra my friend and thank you my God that you’re are step by step beside of me and inspiring me to know You more and more!

Date 15 th of May 2012

Although every country is different, there are so many similarities and close connections. Sometimes people don’t know how to show respect to other people, but countries connect people through their culture, traditions, food.

Mango is the national fruit of India. We proudly can say this is the king fruit in the world.

Eiffel tower is one of the tallest man-made structures in the world and famous place in Paris.

I was passing underground and saw a cheap fruit kiosk. I asked the seller where he is from and he answered to me  that he is from Bangladesh. He was friendly, so I bought a mango from him, although it was coincident.

I am really happy to eat that mango under the Eiffel tower and will keep this good memory in my life.


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Dear friends, my name is Somen Debnath. I am a resident of the village of Basanti, Sundarbans, West Bengal, which is a great mangrove forest and the largest tiger reserve in India. My "Around the World Bicycle Tour for HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme & Presentation of Indian Culture" started on 27th of May 2004, two days after I acquired Bachelor degree in Zoology from the University of Calcutta. I have also completed 'Visarad' in Fine Arts from the Sarbabhartiya University. My goal is to cover 191 countries till 2020. I will travel 200.000 km in the whole world and reach nearly 20 million people. 118.000 km I will travel for charity, that's why I'm selling my Km to people. The support I will get from people buying my kilometres will help me fulfill my other dream: to build a Global village in my native place, Basanti, Sundarbans.

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