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Bern, capital of Switzerland, 13 April 2012

Bern, capital of Switzerland, 13 April 2012

Date 13.04.2012, Food exchange

We had a nice exchange programme in Barne, Switzerland with couch surfers.

 1st day – “ Italian Kichri”

It was made by Pasta, lentil, egg plant, onion, tomato and salt.

We boiled Pasta and Lentil together then keep in a plate, then fry Onion, egg plant , tomato together and add pasta and lentil mixed .at last added rose marina , paprika, and red garlic and black paper. It was really delicious.

Second day – “Alu with Canna Masala ”.

It was made by boiled cannas means cekpeas, Potatoes, onion, mix curry, curcuma and salt.

Potatoes with onion, mix curry & curcuma and salt, for 15 minute fry, then added boiled Canna mixed with them, fry together fry few minutes more, then put some hot water and 5 minutes more on hit.wao lovely test!


Third day – “ Gobi Gajor”.

It was morning breakfast Gobi Gajor, it was made by, Cauliflower, Carrot, Onion, curry mix, salt.

I use to eat morning my mother prepared breakfast with Roti, It is very delicious.

You need to fry pan where you 1st fry Onion with carrot, when carrot will be half fry pit Cauliflower and mix it 5 minute more fry together then put mix curry and salt, keep few minute more and after put some hot water and peek it 5to 8 minute more and it is ready. Put it plate and eat with Roti Indian bread.