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Ostrava, Czech republic, Arcelor Mittal, March 2012

Ostrava, Czech republic, Arcelor Mittal, March 2012

Long time after I get a mail from Tatas da in face book, I write back to him. He is now in Ostrava ArcelorMittal Company CEO.He asked me if I will come to Ostava he will be happy to meet me and also will help me from plant. I was before Ostrava for two day I decided to go and meet him.

26 th March 2012 I reach to Ostrava at evening, before I wrote to CS friend so Dusan my CS friend here one night I satyed his place,27 th Morning I come with him to his gymnasium school and I had a seminar there from 8.30 to 9.15am. it was nice time with class 11 students. After I come to city center and before evening I met another CS friend Paya, she is living 20 minute from city center with her boyfriend and another friend. I come with her to their place where paya cooked a dinner, we eat together Michel and his friend were late,we had a nice chat all of us and  it was nice evening.

28th March was Michel birth day, Morning after 11.00am we went to one elementary school, one hour we spend with children class 4 and 5, after we come to supermarket to home.We cooked vegan food evening with Paya dn Michel we come to city center and met our musicial friends we were invited for a dinner . Nice evening with music and Yoga,remorable!

Morning I come to ArcelorMittal Office at nearly 12.00.I met Petra and Jan , Jan is communication corporate , We had a nice lauch together with jan, Ivo, Barbara and me.They arranged my accommodation in hotel Mercury . This hotel Tapas da will come tonight and stay. So I can meet tonight with him.I made a file for Jan and left to Petra then I come to city center where I met Paya and Michel, we spend couple of our together after I met Dusan in city center square KFC, nice to see him again and after good bye I back to hotel.

Night  exactly don,t know when I got a call from reception hope it was after 10pm , it was Tapas da’s call, I come downstairs and meet him.I was really happy although he was tired he introduce me with Hotel boys . Tomorrow I will see him after 12.00hrs so we hugs and good night to each other.

Morning after breakfast i met Journalist and Barbara from ArcelorMittal and after interviews I chake out and come to ArcelorMittal office. Where I had a lunch in Tapas da office and met Karina, she is papas da’s PS . very good person and friendly. We had a nice chat together.After we had some photo sesson and 3.45 taoas da arrange a meeting with Indian ArcelorMittal employes. We had a nice conversation and a hour we spend.Then I come to Payas place and Michel will go for a concert ,Me and Paya We cooked together , paya’s one student was with us so we had a nice dinner, When we see Michel it was already 1.20 night!

Thank you Tapas da (CEO) happy to see you again and for your support & cooperation from ArcelorMittal.

Thank you all CS friend and all  AreclorMittal officials in Ostrava for your help and cooperation.


1.Tapas Rajdeker CEO ArcelorMittal  in Ostrava.


2.Indian in Ostrava ArcelorMittal Date 30.03.2012

3. CS friends Paya and Michel In Ostrava.

4.School Visit in Ostrava.

5.Plant  visit ArcelorMittal Ostrava.

6.Steel  producing factory Ostrava.

7.Factory and ArcelorMittal

8.With Journalist and Officials ArcelorMittal

9.Mercury Hotel Accommodation in Ostrava.

10.ArcelorMittal  Chimney in Ostrava

11.Indian Lunch in ArcelorMittal Ostrava.

12.Chiken curry and rice

13.Communication Maneger

14.Ivo communication corporate official

15.Board chamber manager and official

16.Gymnasium school in Ostrava, Dusan CS friend Geography teacher with all student.

17.School children

18.Group of communication

19.A traditional meal in Czech Republic

20.Church of Ostrava

21.Paya’s supper in Ostrava

22.Two great musician friend in Ostrava

23.Ostrava Police and my friend!




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