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An Unexpected Wonderland Iceland. July 15 – August 19 and November 2011

Travel from July 15 to August 19, and November 2011

I was traveling from Faroe Island to Iceland. Morning 8 am Icelandic time our ship came to port Seyðisfjörður. It is the east part of Iceland. I touched the land of Iceland and felt really happy. That place is very beautiful and three side covered by big mountain. Water is falling from the mountain. Amazing view! I continue my journey Ildistadur, next city 27 km far from Sedusfiadur. After 2-3 km plane very high mountain. Sometimes i can’t ride or sometimes i am just pulling my bicycle to climb the mo’ntain. Amazing waterfalls sometimes stopped me for making me relax and amazing beautiful landscape. Sometimes left or right side of the road has some small lake, which is a playing with snow and water. So charmful and so beautiful!


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That 10 km travel took me nearly 3 hours. When I am tired, road side stand my cycle sitting on the ground I am feeling in my heart exactly the moment. Before evening  I reached to Egilsstaðir. I asked to people where I can put my tent. They answered, very close has a camp place, it is 10 euro if I want to put my tent in the camp site. I met a cyclist friend from Poland, he told me that is a huge country and I can put my tent everywhere where I wish, not in city center. So I decided to go outside of the city and came very close to lake. I saw a house where people are not to staying I hope. Behind the house has lot of trees, so nobody can find me. I put my tent there. Very beautiful place, very calm and quite. Little further i can see some icelandic horse in their field close to lake.

It was very nice night, although cold outside. I covered myself in my sleeping bag. Early morning when i come out i saw very beautiful landscape: clouds came down, and covered half of lake water. Nearly hour i spent to feel the nature.  Then closed my tent, came to city, maybe i can take a bath somewhere. I come to camp site where i took a shower and used their toilet. After I came to supermarket where i bought some food and continued my journey to another city called Myvatn and then Akureyri. After few kilometres I found a field where people took the corn and left straw snops. One of them I just laid down and ate my breakfast, then again continued my journey. After 30 km travel I stopped because I saw my back two girls also travelling by bicycle. We had a short talk, they are from Germany, also traveling in Iceland. Few hours I travelled with them, then said goodbye and in one small field I put my tent for that night. It is really very cold, totally mountain and ups and down road. I was tired, so quickly slept, morning again I continued my journey. Sometimes passing the bridge, water running so high current. Just looking the flow of water, it is so relax, again continue my journey. Road side is totally empty, only you could find beautiful landscape and cold wind blanket!

On the road I met a group from Poland who recognized me because I was travelling in Poland and got stolen my bike there. We had a nice talk, they gave me banana, jewish and some food for my travel. Few days travel took me toMyvatn lava field to Dalvík, Húsavík, and I passed the lava field, it was really horrible for me to feel exactly the time when lava is came out. Both side of national highway totally lava field. As far as i can see the black land was calling me. It was so scary!  And after that I came to Akureyri.This is the second largest city. From national highway I was looking the beautiful city Akureyri, the bank of the sea with beautiful views, trees and mountain, where playing with the city.

I crossed the bridge, came to city center, Here also has a camp site, but I came to close to airport and put my tent just beside of the river. So my tent was between right side national highway, left Side River and not so far airport. Morning I wake up the sound of the flight, evening I go to sleep by bird concert. I came to stay for one-two days, but how 5 days over I couldn’t understand. I helped one girl, her name is Chiho, from Japan, when I met her in Egilsstaðir. I met her in Akureyri also. She was staying in Akureyri youth hostel. Happy to see her again. We walked in the city and it was really nice time.


After Akureyri  I was interested to cross the city by north to south. I crossed the country by north to south. It was few hundred kilometres muddy and mountain road, very exhausted, but amazing landscape.  Sometimes need to cross the river with my bicycle where water is over the knee, Sometimes find some small tourist house where nobody is there. In this country tourist and government are very friendly. they made this house for people where has kitchen, bed, so any kind of tourists, 7 to 10 people can stay as long as they want in this tourist house. This is really amazing. I never find any country in the world where tourism government made such kind of house and free of cost for people. 3-4 days travel, five small river cross and took me to Gulfos. Gulfos is a place where the biggest waterfall in Iceland. It was really really amazing.  Few hours i spent there, and night i stay close to that place one campsite. Because i met one group who are very friendly to me, and they offered me a dinner, so it was really nice company with some friends in Gullfoss i came to Geysir, Geysir is a place where has a beautiful fountain, every 10 minutes water coming up and making a beautiful fountain, then i come to Rejkjavik. Rejkjavik is the biggest city in Iceland. On the road i met the honor of the hotel 66 in Rejkjavik. He and his wife was traveling to middle of the country. They offered me how many days i will stay in Rejkjavik, i can stay in their hotel as a guest. So hotel 66 (Grensasvegur 14, 108 Rejkjavik, www.hotel66.is, tel. 354 588 0000). So thank you Audur and your family for nice time in Rejkjavik.

I came to Reykjavík, Indian embassy, I met Indian ambassador who suggested me to visit Akranes. It is 50 km far from Rejkjavik where Dipo Ghosh and Shamoli Ghosh, one Indian family, living. They are also from Bengal.. After few days stay in Rejkjavik I came to visit them in Akranes. I was very happy to see Dipo uncle and Shamoli aunt and five days i stayed in Akranes. Shamoli aunt working in Akranes red cross where i met director of the Red Cross, she became my icelandIc sister, they arranged a seminar in Akranes red cross and a fundraising for my travel to Greenland. I am very thankful for them and their great support for my Iceland to Greenland  return ticket Nuuk-Rejkjavik-Nuuk and some pocket money. That family of Akraneswill be always remember in my life. Also I met Kauris family in Akranes. Kauri is a very close friend of my Akranes family, so second day of my stay in Akranes we had a nice dinner in Kauris family. Kauri living with his wife and children, they adapted a daughter from Kolkata. We had a really nice time, and a memorable evening. In that night Kauri promised me to climb with me to Akrafel mountain and he is a hunter, he told me to take me where they are practicing with clay pigeon. So we had a nice climbing whole day and evening we back. I was very happy when I was in the top of the mountain, so peaceful, so much energy, and felt peaceful inside of me.



I back to Reykjavik, I got a call from Indian embassy that I have to go to American embassy. I met American embassy some officials, they were very happy because few days back they read an article about me in one of the biggest newspapers in Reykjavik. I got a honour visa from American embassy. I was very happy for American government and embassy for their cooperation’s and great help for my journey, although I couldn’t believe it would be so easy to get an American visa.

It was wonder me about gay festivals in Reykjavik. This is one of the biggest gay promoting cities. So in this year has lot of activities about gay festivals, when i heard i was very interested to see how people are enjoying festivals and spending time together. From morning different kinds of activities was going in this city. At 2 pm I came to square to take some picture, it was really astonished me. I was very happy to randomly meet people and talk with them. I met different part of the world people and also different part of the country. People were greeting to each other, and enjoying the moment. It was my first time at a gay festival, so I was very happy. I was it was not less than any of great festivals in India.


I met lot of handicapped people in gay festivals. Two-three hours I really enjoyed their energy and positive expressions. I would like to thankful to all of friends and families for their great cooperation from my journey, it will be not only great memory that I came to visit Iceland, it will be in my heart, one of the most important countries in my life. When I lost my bags and all credentials, bank account, laptop, hard disc, most of the valuable things of my journey, and after three hours when I got back, then my respect of the people and their country grew even more.

I met a friend in north Denmark, his name is Rob. Rob also cycling and travelling around the world. He is a very friendly person. I met him second time in Faroe Island before I leave to Iceland. Third time I met him in Iceland, Reykjavik city. He told me if I need some help for stay I can stay in his place. When I back from Greenland, I stayed in his place for two days. He was renting a house in middle of Reykjavik, so it was good for me before my flight from Keflavik to Frankfurt, we met some friend from Japan and invited them to our place, it was nice evening.

with Volcano ash

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