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Greenland, October 2011

1st of October2011, GREENLAND,


It is a nice experience on Saturday afternoon at 13.00hrs. I spent more than three hours with Ilulissat Painter.  I like their work and their way of thinking modern Art.

Also some of the students from school also came along.

First I met some friends outside of the Cultural Center. Then we went inside, it was my 1st visit for at the Cultural Center and one of my friends showed me the whole building.



On Monday at 13.00hrs I have a seminar in SPS Ilulissat.

I left the apartment at 11.30hrs and came to the main square where I had a meeting with one Denish friend who has been living here for the last three years. After meeting him I came to the ferry where I met another one Inuit friend, he will take me to Ice fiord by boat after two days.

Then I come to main road, this road is going to west, I pass the Post office, then I come down. I was trying to take some pictures when I met two new friends who are living very close. They come to me with three dogs, they are so nice and friendly.


After all that I arrived at the SPS and I didn’t know which room I must go to. One madam sees me to the room where all all the students had already arrived. This is a teachers training education center.

I spent one hour with them and give them AIDS awareness programme after which I went back to home.


Thursday morning I have time on my hands sp I come to visit some more places. On the road I find some children friends who are also with bicycles. I follow them and they take me to a close by church. It is a very beautiful place they want to tell me a lot of things but I don’t know their language. I am still trying to listen what they want to tell me. Sometimes, although I do not understand I rise my mouth and head up, that explains them that yes I understand, that is the easiest way to reach children.


After that I got a call from Helga, she is waiting at the Cultural center with children. Then we are hurry all children come with me to cultural center, some of them don’t like painting, any how they sit there and after few minute they start to paint on paper. We spend more than two hours all of us.


After that I came to SPS apartment, it was snowing and chill. I cooked chicken curry and rice in the evening. I am alone so it is enough for me two days.

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  1. Great success. i’m wainting for 2020 to come… may you travel over all the world. :)


    Greenland, october 2011

    5th of October 2011, ILULLISSAT, GREENLAND

    In the morning I went to visit the whole town and Icefjord so I left home at 10.30 am.

    After the east part of the town I took the road which was going to north, from there I came to west part of the town, this town is not so big. I see a long stair I think there has to be a road. I left my bike there and saw one person , I ask her if there was the road? She answered that it was, three km hiking road going towards icefjord, and that she is walking that way. I enjoy the company so I follow her, there is a yellow symbol which is marking the road.

    Wow… what beauty! I can not close my eyes, I see a huge ice barge coming from the ice fjord,we are walking and new new landscape , it looks like painted.

    After a long travel we are back into the town, I say good bye that lady and come to take my bicycle from that place where I left it. It is so chill, I need to warm up. Afterwards I went to the Cultural Center where I met Ann who is a good friend and Cultural Center Director.

    In the evening  at 19.00hrs I had a seminar in Cultural Center till 21.00hrs. We spent a good time all of us, some friends came from the Painting class and some friends were invited. It was a nice time with them.

    Thank you Anna for your kind support and thank you for all the arrangements you made.

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    1. Siegfried says:

      beautiful picture, I would love to see Iceland too!



      Friday morning at 9.00hrs I come  to Atuarfik Jorgen Bronlund High school. I follow one teacher and she introduced me to the students.

      At first I gave my presentation and after we had a question answer session, where we discussed about how they are learning and what is the difference between modern Inuit people and ancient Eskimo people. I got lot of smart answer from them.


      Today is Monday. At 12.00 I came to Tikiussaq School for 9th grade pupils visit. I met Helga’s Friend, we had a talk and a coffee at the school. After I follow her to her class, a total of 12 or 15 students, they are all here and they are sitting.

      1st they brought their chairs closer and I started to talk with them, children are really very good  and positive. No fear. Some of them started to smoke when they were 9 years old when I ask them they answered. I was astonished. It was a nice session in any case. I learned a lot of things from them and we had a nice question and answer session. I can feel that the teachers are sometimes tired from them. I spend two hours with them, from 12.00 to 14.00hrs .

      Then I cme to visit Tikiusaaq After School where I had a group of pupils who are up to 8years old, we had a nice yoga class and after yoga we had a competition so all children were very enthusiastic to paint. I had a nice time with them till 16.00hrs.


      I spent most of the time in the morning writing and listening to some music and, after lunch, I came to Tikiusaaq School. It is an after school for children who are between 8 and 12 years  to whom I have teached yoga and painting. Before me Helga was there. This is the last meeting and session for me because I am leaving this town tomorrow.

      I arrived at 14.00 hrs and we all stayed there till 16.00hrs. The children are happy and I am happy too. What I observed is that children are creative, they think in their own mind an create new things. It was amazing that children that are so young can think at such high levels.



      Today I will go back to Nuuk. My flight is at 12.30pm and Helga will come to pick me up at 11.00am to go to SPS. I have packed all my things and now I am waiting for her.

      Outside everything is snowed, we 1st reach the top of the city, last time I see the beautiful Ilulissat totally covered by snow. Then we arrive at the Airport, my flight is two hours late so we go back to Ilulissat commun – it means Municipal corporation office. We had a launch together and afterwards I went to say good bye to the Mayor.

      Then before 14:30hrs we went to the  Airport. It was really sad! I really loved the 15 days spent in Ilulissat! Helga my friend helped me a lot and always took care of me. After I said good bye to her I told her that if it were possible I would come to visit this Lovely city again. Before I left Helga gave me as a mark of my visit a key ring with traditional musk that I will send to my museum for memory.

      Thank you dear friend for your great open hand. I will see you again.

      I have arrived back to Nuuk despite weather not being too good. Before evening I reached Max’s place and Martin is also here. I already knew we would have a nice time. I was tired but we spent a long time sharing our thoughts of the last two months. Max cooked before so we had a nice dinner.

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