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From Poland to Slovakia


In every country a few friends are supporting me. Here in Poland, in Warsaw, I found Mark. He is a very simple person, I told about him before – the day when I left for warsaw he was with me, he travelled with me in the morning to the embassy; after my flag off from the embassy, we had last lunch togather, then he said good bye. I saw his eyes, he wanted to tell me: “oh, my friend, I am with you and it is not only your travel, it is mine too!” Very nice time Mark with you, I will never forget you! It is nearly 1.00pm so I decided I will leave soon. After two days I reached to krakaw. It is a big city in Poland and cultural city, in the old time it was the capital of Poland. I reached here in the evening. I called an university profesor and indian community president here in krakaw who arranged my accomodation here in one hotel, in the center. Afterwards, he took me to meet same indian, we went to one indian restarant hot chilly. From there we went to another restaurant , very close to my hotel. They invited me for dinner. In the evening I walked in the center, then to restaurant where I ate very good indian food. There I met other two three indians.

Two days after, in the afternoon, I met Sureshji from Lithunis and his friend and I promised him I will come to visit him in Lithuania. After krakaw I travel toward Zilina (Slovakia), I crossed Tartar Mountain (absolutely wonderful, if you will go there you will see, it is like a painting, wonderful landscape and deep forest, with mountain,I liked it very much and stay one day there). From there Trencia – another small city, from there Trnvo I already spent there four days outside in my tent. It was nice because it did not rain. Netra to Bratislava – when I arrived it was afternoon. My host Petra was in Viena, so I should wait, but when I reached the city, I met Martin, he became my friend. After a few minutes he showed me the whole city. I had no credit, so he called Petra – we met after one hour near to old brize. We went to drink kafola, it is slovakia and czech republic cold drinks – I liked and I drank it all the time I was in slovakia. From Petra I went to stay with indian in Marina hotel, where I met Chandra Ketu and another friend – I had very good time with them.

One day we went all out…very good night. After that I met Fernandes, he has an amazing personality,and very open hearted. He is living here for 10-15 years, he opened one education center named APTACH EUROPE. He is a very helpful person, he gave his apartment key to me, I stayed there a few days. It is not so far from main center. It was a great help for me when I really needed it! till now I can see his smiley face very clearly. I am giving a short brief about

APTECH EUROPE education center in my seminar.


About Somen Debnath

Dear friends, my name is Somen Debnath. I am a resident of the village of Basanti, Sundarbans, West Bengal, which is a great mangrove forest and the largest tiger reserve in India. My "Around the World Bicycle Tour for HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme & Presentation of Indian Culture" started on 27th of May 2004, two days after I acquired Bachelor degree in Zoology from the University of Calcutta. I have also completed 'Visarad' in Fine Arts from the Sarbabhartiya University. My goal is to cover 191 countries till 2020. I will travel 200.000 km in the whole world and reach nearly 20 million people. 118.000 km I will travel for charity, that's why I'm selling my Km to people. The support I will get from people buying my kilometres will help me fulfill my other dream: to build a Global village in my native place, Basanti, Sundarbans.

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