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Belarus 2010, people memories

Belarus:  Minsk, Brest, Grodno, Gomel


Travelling is a great education for us in our life, it gives us better knowledge and knowledge gives us a better understanding of how we should live in our life, it makes us more simple, more pure, more determined to reach our destiny!

That’s why it is a great memory my staying with Oleg family – a great brother and mother love, which I will remember. Afterwards I continued my travel to Belarus. It was a cloudy and rainy day. Because it was raining heavily I stopped under a shade. There were pine forests along the road. It seemed that there were umbrellas held by an unknown hand.

I passed by some small villages. After two days, in the evening, I reached the border. At about 20 kilometers far from the border I made my tent. I couldn’t make a fire – my matches were wet. Finally I managed to prepare ”my home” for the night. I was so tired that I fell asleep within minutes.

The next morning I travelled to Minsk. It was a long journey, more than 300 km, so I was in a hurry. At 2.30 pm I felt that the front wheel was flat tire. I walked about 5 km. I left my luggage near a hut and repaired the wheel. I found a farm house before evening. Nobody was there. I shouted “Is there anybody there?” Nobody answered. Maybe the owner of the house is not here, he is far away and I thought it could be a good place to spend the night. So I decided to stop there. I made my tent in front of the cattle house and put all my luggage inside. As long as I was awake nobody came, so I decided to go to sleep.

Until nearly 8.30 the next morning nobody came to that house. I took a small road which went to the highway. I chose it because it was easy for my travel. Then I saw a “Minsk” sign and took that road. After two days 30 km before Minsk I sent a sms to Diana – my couchsurfing friend in Minsk. She would not be there for the weekend so she left Valya’s number. When I reached Minsk it was nearly 7pm. After two hours I found her place. She was staying with Ira. I was so hungry and thirsty. I had dinner with Valya.

The next morning Valya’s friends came to her house to prepare sushi, I prepared Indian food for them. She was happy. In the evening we went to the market. We were about ten – Igor, Sasha, Irina, Nadya, etc. It was a vey nice evening. I spent two days at Valya’s home. Igor became a good friend of mine during my stay in Minsk. He is a very open hearted and friendly person.

On Monday morning we (Igor and I) went to the Indian Embassy. Igor was waiting for me at the library while I was having a meeting with the Ambassador. It was a great meeting. The Ambassador assured me he would give me any kind of support and cooperation during my stay in Minsk. I could even stay at the Embassy for accommodation. Then I met other officers too. After that I went to Diana’s home, which was close to the Embassy.

During my stay in Minsk I visited different schools and University faculties. It was nice when I went to visit American school in Minsk, and also with the students at State University in Minsk (geography, zoology and law faculty) – I was conducted by local friend who are in University. I would like to thank for this programme to Alexandra and Igor.

For the next few days I got good cooperation from the Indian Embassy. I could meet some local Indian immigrants who have been in Belarus for 10-15 years. Some officers from the Embassy became close related to me – R.P. Singh, Mr. Babu, Mr. Sharma, Mr. Viki. The Embassy’s caretaker helped like a big brother. One day he helped me even wash my clothes and dried them. He always cooked and waited for me. It was a great memory to stay with all those people. One day I met one girl – Sasha – on the road. She helped me to reach the Belarus National television because I had an interview there and I wanted to take a CD with the recorded interview from them. After that she invited me to show me the city. We walked around the city and after that we went to the Krishna temple. We took some Prasad and went to the centre. Sasha left me there because she was to meet with friends. I had a meeting in the central park with new friends who were playing music there – Marina, Igor, Dasha, Lasha, Pasha. We spend together in the park nearly two hours. Afterwards I had dinner with three Indian families. I went to sleep at Elena’s place. I knew her from a couchsurfing friend. Dasha, Elena, Pasha and Sveta became very good friends of mine. It was a great time with them, they helped me so much. I spent the last three days in Minsk at Sasha’s place who was very helpful. She was living with Tanya. Sasha offered her bedroom to me and she slept on the floor in Tanya’s room. I was astonished by her sacrifice and I will always remember in my heart her presence and feel she’s a good friend of mine.




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