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Article in The Hindu, august 2013

Updated: August 12, 2013,  Indian cyclist reaches Qatar on 200,000 km trip, The HINDU http://www.thehindu.com/features/metroplus/society/indian-cyclist-reaches-qatar-on-200000-km-trip/article5014948.ece The Hindu Somen Debnath. File photo TOPICS human interest social issue An Indian cyclist who is on a mission to pedal around the globe has reached Qatar after touring 79 countries. Somen Debnath, who plans to set up a global village near Kolkata, has already toured ... Read More »

Aptech Europe support, Bratislava, Slovakia, 2010

Aptech-Europe / News / Aptech Europe supports a good cause Aptech Europe supports a good cause Aptech Europe has had the privilege of meeting Mr. Somen Debanth of India in their Bratislava Aptech Center. Mr. Somen Debnath   has been touring various countries on bicycle to spread awareness of HIV/AIDS and Indian Culture. Somen has so far traveled over 46 countries ... Read More »

Czech Republic with friends and families, July 2010

New friends, 18 JULY 2010, PRAHA, CZECH REPUBLIC I am in Praha, Czech Republic. This is a wonderful country, I met very nice people here. Since it’s summer time, there are lots of tourists visiting Prague. I spent time with local people, Jayaraj and other friends who are Krishna Devotees, in one vegetarin restaurant. I am helping a little for ... Read More »

Slovakia, July 2010

29 JUNE 2010, Slovakia – Skawina, Wadwice, Cadca Mountain From Krakaw I traveled for two small towns, Skawina and Wadwice, when I reached to Bielsko Baila it was evening. I was so tired, I found a place where i made my tent, after that day I traveled for Zywiec. I reach the Cadca Mountain (Slovakia). Really wonderful amazing landscape! I ... Read More »

Poland, 2010

Poland: Warsaw, Krakow, Radom, Katowice KRAKOW, 24th OF JUNE 2010: A RAINY DAY AND MEETING A SMALL INDIAN COMMUNITY Presently I am in Krakaw, 350km far from Warsaw, Poland. I am travelling for Slovakia. It is rainy day, oh! very bad weather, i found some Indian people who are living here. I am staying in one hotel which they arranged ... Read More »

Ukraine, 19 MAY 2010

Ukraine: Kiev, Lviv, Ternopil, Kharkhiv, Uman KIEV, the 19th MAY 2010: ONE DAY AT THE LATVIAN EMBASSY AND MORE Today 19th may2010, morning, Oleg and I reached to Latvia Embassy, at 9.55am. It is near the center of Kiev. Oleg and I, together, we are waiting! One by one, all people are going inside, yet we don’t know when the security officer ... Read More »

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