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Seahorse Hotel, Egypt, March 2013

Seahorse Hotel, Egypt, March 2013

Dahab with seahorse hotel few days, Egypt

Date: 23.03.2013, Saturday

On the way from Sharm-el-Sheikh to Dahab and unbelievable mountain i crossed.

It is not only beautiful, thousands of European people come for peace and spend some time with this beautiful sunny weather.


Dahab is not only a tourist place, different kind of spices, dates and arabic jewellery make this city beautiful. Local people are too kind to foreigners, and it is a cultural difference.


Downtown of Dahab, at night really beautiful. A nice cycling road always made me go out at night to see the beautiful town, although not lot of people were passing by at night.

Seahorse Hotel, evening always more beautiful because of campfire and local traditional egyptian music, always will enchant me and i will keep it in my heart whenever i am far from this city.

A sunny day in beautiful Dahab at Seahorse Hotel

Yasser is a very good friend of mine from Seahorse hotel. He offered me a very nice price because he knew that i am traveling from India and it was his greatness as a friend. During the few days of my stay he was very nice and friendly. He helped me a lot not only support for accommodation, but also to find 600 dollar which were stolen from me. An unbelievable man and thanks for your friendship.

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A cyclist friend from New Zealand, she is traveling alone. She started cycling from Scotland. Presently she is in Egypt. I met her in Dahab in front of the supermarket. I had a nice chat with her. She would like to travel next Jordan and Israel, and her one friend from Israel will join her to continue her journey.

Always sunny Dahab, a great memory.

Lot of time I spent just under the small tent made by date palm. This is a really magic place. Evening people sit here till midnight and play music.

This is the breakfast. I think this is the best breakfast in Egypt i ate in Dahab. Every morning i was looking forward to eat the breakfast.

Night in the Seahorse hotel

My very good friend Gabi was passing by in Dahab. I was very happy to meet her after Cairo. She not only inspired me, kept a mark as a very special friend and inspiring charakter. An unbelievable coincidence.

A library just right side entrance gate of Seahorse hotel. Sometimes sunny weather with few lines of a book always inspired me.

The bridge of Dahab and my goodbye.

Few  hours cycling in Dahab with two Brazilian friends

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