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Slovakia, July 2010

Slovakia, July 2010

29 JUNE 2010, Slovakia – Skawina, Wadwice, Cadca Mountain

From Krakaw I traveled for two small towns, Skawina and Wadwice, when I reached to Bielsko Baila it was evening. I was so tired, I found a place where i made my tent, after that day I traveled for Zywiec. I reach the Cadca Mountain (Slovakia). Really wonderful amazing landscape! I like this place, for 2 hours and 30 minutes I travelled the whole painted city! Wow, I am so calm! I feel a great peace inside of me!


Then I reached to Zilina where I stayed one night. It is one of the big cities in slovakia and well known. I met some friends who provided one night accomodation in their home. I said good bye in the morning, starting my travelling to Trencia and after four hours I reached there. From there near to Ternovo I found a place where my tired body laid down in my tent…morning gave me a fresh air!

From Trnovo to Netra and Bratislava

From Trenovo I travelled to Netra and now I am in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. I am tired, staying with two friends, one of them is couch surfer who is hosting me…….


Presently I am in Bratislava, Slovakia,traveling and doing lots of seminars with students in different organizations. I met so many nice people here, the Indian Embassy is also helping me for my programme. Here the Ambassador is a woman, Her Excellency Himai Saha, an extraordinary kind lady. I met a few Indians who are also very nice to me, I am happy to meet them and share experience with them.




From my travel journal…leaving Bratislava the 7th of July 2010

7th july 2010 The morning after I left Marina hotel and went to the Indian Embassy. At 1.30 am the Ambassador and the whole Embassy staff did the flag off ceremony. Then I returned to the Fernandes place where I had all my bags and I started my journey to the Czech Republic. Before leaving I met Fernandes and his manager, I mus say that he helped me a lot during my stay in Slovakia. APTACH EUROPE also gave a small comtribution for my travel, I am thankful to them. I am so sorry I could not meet Lee before leaving Bratislava – I met him in the British school – he travelled to Latin America on a bicycle. I took the Danube River parrallel road, which took me out of the city. Then I took main highway, the weather was nice, but after two hours a heavy rain started. I had a rain court, it saved me, and same plastic cover, so I made a cover for my bag. I had to wait on the side of the road. In the mean time one car stopped and the driver asked me where I am travelling. I answered I am traveling for the Czech Republic and he gave me same food for my travel. When the rain calmed I left and after 78 km travel I reached the city named Skalica. I decided I will stay here, I made my tent out side the city, near a busy place. I was hungry, but I had finished all my food already, so I had nothing to eat – I took some water and I took some dinner with a little kismis and then went to sleep. In the early morning I got up and decided to leave, so I took the road again. It was a good morning. Nearly 9.30 I was at the Czech border and I reched Prague nearly 5.30. I decided I will not go this day to the Indian Embassy, so I wrote an sms to Sunilji, but he didn’t reply. I went to a place near the Indian Embassy and when I arrived there, I saw that the Embassy moved to a different place. I was tired and I wanted to eat something I saw one person passing from me, he was wearing sant clothes, and I ask him where he is going and when I explained about me, he told me to come with him as he knew one vegetarian restaurant very close, where we could eat and may be I can stay there. I followed him up road, after I picked my bicycle we reach that place, very close to a castel. In that restaurant I had very good vegetarian food. If you are asking who they are, yes, they are ISCON people, Lord Krishna followers. I met Jayaraj, who is the owner of the restarant, who told me I can help with cutting the vegetables and if I wish I can stay there. This is my work here: to help making Prasad. I remained there for three days. in the mean time In the meantime I went to the Embassy and met the Ambassador, who already wrote a letter for me to the local Ministry and HOC and Secretary of Ambasador, trying to make arrengements for me to meet with local Indians. I visited the next days different places and some communities and I attended a few meetings. One day I had a meeting with Sumitji, the Secretary of the Ambassodor arranged this appoinment – he is a very nice person, living there for 20 years. After the meeting, I went to the Embassy where I got the number of Singhji. I met him the next day, at his Haveli restarurant. I also got Abhijit Dar number – he is a very good friend of Sunilji. When I called him, he promised he will come at 8.00 pm and we will meet Haveli restaurant. At the restaurant I met also Amitabh dada also. I had a really nice time with them, we had some food there, then went to Sunilji home, where I stayed for the night. Sunilji’s wife is from Georgia,so I remembered some Georgian words, and really I was remembrering all my friends from Georgia are different…one by one all their faces are coming to my open eyes.

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